Life Update (College is Busy)

So, it’s been a while. While I understand that I’m the only person that has ever seen this blog I still feel bad for not posting. I made those two posts over spring break and haven’t really touched this since. I feel like I haven’t been posting for two reasons, the first being I don’t know how to fit blogging into my schedule so I haven’t tried. The second reason is that I just don’t know what to post about. I’m not really feeling the format of the first two posts I made even though that’s what every “how to blog” Pin said to do. It feels fake, that’s not how I talk at all. I would feel weird telling people about it because it just doesn’t sound like me. I’m going to post to this blog when I can but I can’t promise a consistent format or theme at all. It’s finals season here and grades are way more important to me than this blog currently is. I’m working on a post that I think will be good, maybe I can have it up by Sunday (no promises though). For now, I figured I would just talk about what I’ve been up to lately.

This semester has gone by so fast, it’s pretty bittersweet. On one hand, I’m happy that I’ll be home and won’t have to do any homework for three months but on the other hand, I won’t get to hang out or see all my friends for THREE MONTHS!
I joined a sorority this semester and am very excited about what that has in store. Everyone is so nice in the sorority and some of my friends are also in it which is always a plus.
Through the sorority, I met the people I will be rooming with next year. We were able to get the last dorm room that had a kitchen and I am so happy about that!
I have decided to try out for the school’s dance team even though I have no formal training. Tryouts are this weekend and I feel very unprepared but I’ll do the best I can and hope for the best!
I have planned on writing a children’s bible study for my church to use over the summer and I’m very excited about that.
Since I made this blog to talk about getting better grades, I’m going to talk about those.
Overall I am doing better than last semester! I have B’s in most of my classes and am close to getting an A in biology which is great! Turns out, I forgot to send on of my transcripts from my dual enrollment courses over. It was a class that I got an A in so once we finally got that sent over it brought my GPA up to a 3.0. I am so happy with that! Let that be a lesson to make sure you get everything transferred that needs to be transferred.

I think that’s enough updating for now. I’ll post again soon (hopefully).

Have a great day,

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