The Summer Between Freshman and Sophomore Year

Summer in College, summer

Freshman year came, you had fun, made new friends, lived your life, and now you’re back home. The question now turns into what to do for the summer until you go back? That’s where I am in my life right now. I have about a month until I have to go back to school and I’ve done my share of relaxing and bumbling around. I figured with this post I would make a list of things I’m going to do in the next month to get me ready for the upcoming school year.


Organize and evaluate.

I need to look through everything I had my freshman year and see what I will need for my sophomore year. In order for this to happen, I have to go through all my boxes from move out day and organize what is inside. I also want to look through all the random things in my house that I could use for my new dorm in order to keep me from spending unnecessarily.


Meal Prep

The first few weeks of my sophomore year are pretty busy. This, mixed with the fact that I have a smaller meal plan for the semester, is why I am going to be making a few meals that I know I love so that after a long day of hitting the books I can just pop a good meal in the microwave and not worry about food. At least that’s what Pinterest tells me, we will see how it actually goes.


Order my textbooks and actually read them

I’m not taking a bunch of classes this semester so I don’t have a whole lot of books. I prefer to have hard copies of all my textbooks in which I can actually write notes and highlight. Once I receive said textbooks I would like to read through as many as I can as to better prepare me for the school year.


Register to take a pre-calculus class online

This is quite specific to me and really needs no comment other than I am not looking forward to this at all.


Figure out how to make money

I might get a job, I might find out something else, who knows!


That’s about all I can think I need to do this summer. I’ll probably be reading a bit as well but that’s another post. I hope this post helped give you some idea of what you could do for these in-between months.


Have a great day,