What You Should Bring To College

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I cannot believe that my freshmen year of college is almost over! It seems like just yesterday that I was scouring the internet for every move in day shopping list on which I could click or old move in vlog I could find. If you’re like me, you have been looking at those lists and videos for at least a year, I mean there is just something so interesting to me about what things people use, it’s like an estate sale but in cyberspace. Enough with my gabbing though, here are the top things I use in my everyday life on campus.

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An Electric Kettle

Throughout high school, I learned to appreciate a good cup of hot tea (I’m all about earl gray) so as I got ready to go shopping for my first dorm room an electric kettle was high on my list. Since purchasing my electric kettle, I have used it for tea but I’ve also used to make soup, oatmeal, red beans and rice, and even the occasional cup of coffee. I am so happy that I invested in an electric kettle and while I wasn’t able to find my exact kettle, here is the link to one that I know is good:

A Bathrobe

I really do not like being cold. I can usually get by because I have clothes on but I do not shower with my clothes on and my pajamas just aren’t as warm as I would like them to be. That’s where the bathrobe comes in, it is the last thing I put on after my pajamas and most nights I keep it on while I sleep.

A Heated Blanket

As I mentioned before, the cold and I do not get along. Mornings can get pretty chilly so having a thin blanket that heats itself up is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. I’ve heard tale of heated mattress pads but I don’t use a mattress pad so I’m happy with my headed blanket for now.

Rubbermaid containers

I know Rubbermaid is a brand, but I don’t know what else they’re called. Image with me if you will, you have made a cup of ramen noodles but don’t eat all of them. That is where these plastic containers come in, ramen leftovers aren’t great but somehow they’re still better than whatever the dining hall is serving.


I love snacks! I am pretty much always snacking on something. I know, I know you have a meal plan but believe me, you will want snacks. My favorites are pretzels, rye chips, and any type of fruit flavored candy.

A rolling laundry basket

I bet you didn’t even know this was a thing until I told you. The rolling laundry basket is one of my favorite things I own, I don’t really have the arm strength to lug a laundry basket with (let’s be honest) two weeks of laundry all the way to my dorm’s laundry room. Now I can just roll my laundry to and fro with ease. As great as these things are, they’re pretty hard to find in my neck of the woods so I’m just going to drop a link here if you’re interested.

Upon starting this list, I have realized how little I actually use. Of course, there are school supplies here and there, notebooks, highlighters, all that jazz, it just seems like a lot of things you NEED are common sense. Hopefully, this little list helped you at least a little bit. You don’t need a whole lot for a dorm, a lot of the stuff people say you need just turns into clutter and that isn’t great to have around your dorm.

Happy shopping,