Making Juice From Scratch

Making Juice

One of my favorite things nowadays is juice. Specifically, I really like this one juice made by Ocean Spray called CranEnergy. CranEnergy is juice mixed with green tea and it is the bomb dot com. As good as this drink is, there are two major problems with it, it has a good amount of sugar and it is kinda pricey. These reasons combined with boredom lead me to try and recreate CranEnergy myself. It didn’t work and I’m still trying to find the magic recipes for this great drink but I did end up making a good juice drink that in my case is better for your body and your budget.

I started by doing a little research on Pinterest to see what all recipes were out there. I wanted something that would be easy to make but have to same consistency of juice you would buy at the store. I found this blog post for Confessions of An Overworked Mom about how to make your own cranberry juice and with a little tweaking I basically followed along with their recipe. If you want a more concise version of the recipe, feel free to check out their page!

Instead of cranberries, I used some blueberries that were in my freezer and a couple of frozen strawberries for added flair. This fruit mixture was put in a pot with about 4 cups of water to simmer for 15ish minutes. I let it simmer longer than that because I am lazy.

After the berries were done simmering, I set them to cool for a little bit and then took a really wide spoon that had a bunch of holes through it (professional sounding, I know) and scooped all the big fruit bits out of the pot.

I added in about a half cup of fresh, local honey and at this point, you have juice, if you want to strain it now and drink it, you can. I didn’t just want juice though so I added four cups of water and four bags of green tea, putting the pot back on the stove at a low heat for the green tea to brew for a while. After I felt the tea had brewed long enough, I strained the juice mixture into a pitcher using both a hand sieve and some cheesecloth.

Like I said, while this doesn’t taste exactly like CranEnergy, it is pretty darn good. The berries and honey were from my family’s garden and beehives so I know that they are all natural and organic. This recipe yielded just under two quarts of juice and it probably took 15 minutes of active cooking time. I loved this process and the juice that came from it, if you’re looking for a good juice recipe I would check out Confessions of An Overworked Mom’s.

Happy sipping,